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Our Features

Flavor & Fragrance are an essential part of our daily life- that is to say, they carry out such an important role in adding an extra dimension of interest to our lives that without them, the present life would change totally. 

We are a flavor & flagrance producer with a long history of creating flavor & flagrance to meet the times, polishing new aesthetics and technologies.

We celebrated the 100th anniversary of our founding in 2015.

From now on,we plan to make this the first year of a new enterprise, and to head in new directions and try new challenges. We will continue to contribute to society with our flavor & flagrance, enriching people's lives, and will march forward into a new era whilst keeping true to our ideals.




Rich experience and technological capability as an overall flavor & fragrance maker

Specializing in the three categories of flavor, fragrance and aroma chemicals, Soda Aromatic does not just manufacture flavor & fragrance but guarantees product safety and quality at all levels from raw materials, and continues to take great care for the surrounding environment in the manufacturing processes.


A century of experience, heading toward another one hundred years

The depth of experience and technological capability that Soda Aromatic has earned over its 100-year history has given us an important role in the culture of flavor & fragrance. We continue to improve our skill of flavor & fragrance creation that meets the changing markets and trends, so that we can help you for another 100 years.


Treating the gifts of nature with the greatest of care

As human evolution progressed, the sense that first received the stimulus of the outside world was separated into the senses of smell and taste. Smell is meant to perceive safety. Humans are able to discern the optimal DNA for procreation by smell. Nature has taught us what beautiful fragrance is. We stay close to the nature with humility as we develop new flavor & fragrance materials.

人間の進化の過程で、最初に外界の刺激を感じた感覚が嗅覚と味覚へ分かれて育ったといわれています。安全を感知するための感覚であり、子孫を残すためにより優秀なDNAを嗅ぎ分ける。素敵な香りは自然から教わる… 常に謙虚に自然と寄り添う香料の開発と生産をを心がけています。