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Soda Aromatic identifies characteristic aroma components of French fermented butter フランス産発酵バターを特徴づける香気成分を解明

1. Evaluation using Patent Analysis method, AROMATCH® (1)  

 There are many fans of the different fermented butters that are produced in various places in France, each with regional characteristics. What are the aromatic components that give these fermented butters their character?

 Soda Aromatic performed its analysis using a combination of its unique AROMATCH® analysis technique and AEDA (Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis), the system widely used in the search for characteristic aroma components. The material was AOP certified (Appellation d'Origine Protégée) fermented French butter with high quality. The AEDA system can assess the strength of each aromatic component, but cannot identify its role in the whole butter aroma. Combining AROMATCH® with AEDA makes it possible to evaluate each volatile compound in the whole butter aroma. In other words, it enables us to find the relationships between each volatile compound and the original aroma such as enhancement or masking.



 曽田香料は、特徴香気成分の探索に広く用いられているAEDAAroma Extract Dilution Analysis)と、独自の分析技術であるAROMATCH®を組み合わせて解明を試みました。試料は、AOP認証(Appellation d'Origine Protégée)を受け、高い品質が認められているフランス産発酵バターです。AEDAでは個々の香気成分の香りの強度は評価できますが、バター全体の中でどのような役割をしているかは分かりません。AEDAAROMATCH®を組み合わせることで、バターの香気が香る中でひとつひとつの香気成分を嗅ぐことができ、香気成分同士が相互に作用している状態で、エンハンスやマスキングといった効果の確認が可能になるのです。

2. Fermented, Sweet, Creamy are the important aspects

 AROMATCH® showed that Butyric acid, δ-Decalactone, γ-Dodecalactone and cis-6-Dodecen-4-olide of the certain concentration enhance the sweetness, milkiness and richness, which are the important aspects in fermented butter.

 A key focus here was the role of cis-6-Dodecen-4-olide.

 The structure of cis-6-Dodecen-4-olide resembles that of γ-Dodecalactone, but its threshold value is more than 700 times lower than of γ-Dodecalactone, and our analysis showed that it did impact the flavor of fermented butter in this extremely low concentration.

 Our professional flavorist, who have much experience and knowledge, revealed the role of such a small amount of compound by their highly refined sense of smell.


 AROMATCH®で評価を行った結果、Butyric acidδ-Decalactoneγ-Dodecalactonecis-6-Dodecen-4-olideが、それぞれ特定の濃度において、発酵バター特有のコクやミルキー感、甘味感をエンハンスしていることが確認できました。中でも注目したいのが、cis-6-Dodecen-4-olideの役割です。


3. What’s the merit of cis-6-Dodecen-4-olide?

 What is the merit of using cis-6-Dodecen-4-olide, one of our specialty aroma chemicals?

 It adds fermented, sweet and creamy aspects as if fermented butter has been used. Even if vegetable oils are used, cis-6-Dodecen-4-olide is possible to make a dairy rich flavored product. We specialize in dairy flavors and have many butter and cream flavors that include cis-6-Dodecen-4-olide.

 You can always count on Soda Aromatic for key advances in aromatic technology and product development. 





 *1) Reika Sueda et al., The 58th Symposium on the Chemistry of Terpenes, Essential oils, and Aromatics (2014)

 末田麗華ら、第58回 香料・テルペンおよび精油化学に関する討論会(2014