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弊社のフレグランス原料の中で、今注目を浴びているのは、何と言っても、キラキラと輝き、ブーストするPOLVOLIDE®です。 以下、POLVOLIDE®のご紹介です。 

The brilliant POLVOLIDE® has a boosting effect.

POLVOLIDE® diffuses really well, and gives off a powdery fragrance, but the biggest advantage of this ingredient is its boosting effect. It does not just have an effect as a fragrance's base note, but also plays the role of a booster that lifts up the top and the middle notes from below. This is a special feature that other macrocyclic musks do not have.
There are also other effects that cannot be overlooked. With the effect that the company refers to as “luminous”, you can experience a fragrance that is like a flower suddenly blooming. If you add POLVOLIDE® to a floral fragrance, the effect is clear. Anyone experiencing this is likely to be given the impression of a flower bud rapidly blooming, as the vivid fragrance begins to spread.
The way it interacts with the skin is also a merit of POLVOLIDE®. It is a good match for skincare beauty products, perfume, and hair care products. It has a high level of biodegradability, a powerful antibacterial effect (antibacterial for naturally occurring skin bacteria), and the powdery fragrance that Japanese people like. With its boosting effect and the ability to cause fragrances to diffuse, POLVOLIDE® is truly the synthetic musk that the market has been waiting for. 




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 Scent of the plant

Daphne odora

Daphne odora is originally from south China. Brought to Japan in the Muromachi era, the powerful sweet fragrance of its late winter-blooming white flowers was a harbinger of spring. Its red berries are poisonous, but infusions of its flowers have been used as folk remedies for toothaches and mouth ulcers.


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